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Unicorn was created to be a nourishing and restorative oil for multiple purposes. A concentrated blend of organic botanical oils that works powerfully to cleanse, remove makeup, moisturise and more, leaving your skin soft and radiant without feeling greasy. Paired with lavender to soothe and balance, carrot seed to rejuvenate, and jasmine to maintain an even complexion.

Gentle on all types of skin.

Pair with our Rosie facial toner for heightened nutrient delivery.

When your Unicorn Multitask Oil runs out, purchase your Refill bottle here.

Ingredients (*organic) & known properties:

Fractionated coconut oil*: hydrates and softens skin, protects skin from UV damageSweet almond oil*: retains moisture, prevents blackheads and acne, protects skin from UV damageJojoba oil*: regenerates and protects skin, anti-inflammatoryNon-GMO vitamin E: protects and restores skin, soothes irritated skinCarrot seed oil: tightens, rejuvenates skin, repairs skin from damageLavender oil: anti-bacterial, soothes irritated skin, alleviates anxietyJasmine oil: hydrates, evens skin tone, relaxes the mind

To use: 

Shake well before use.

To remove makeup: Apply to cotton round and gently press onto skin then wipe off.To cleanse: Massage onto skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.To moisturise: Massage onto clean, damp skin until absorbed.

Store in a cool and dry location away from direct sunlight and water.

Net weight: 50ml